About Piffy & Egg!

The name “Piffy & Egg” may seem a little odd at first glance but it is actually myself, Emma (Egg), and my best friend Libby’s (Piffy) nicknames for each other (does anyone else snort when they laugh? I’ll say no more for now!).

When living together, we bought some wall stickers “Piffy & Egg.” for our living room which we always envisaged becoming a craft brand. This made for an easy decision when it came to naming the company!

The story behind the business...

In July 2017, I unfortunately had a severe mental health breakdown. Unbeknown at the time, I had been suffering with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and Bipolar Affective Disorder among other chronic physical health conditions. These complex mental health illnesses had been concealed and suffered alone since childhood until I reached a crisis point.

Initially, I presented clearly with OCD, trying to “neutralise” intrusive thoughts by excessive cleaning and reordering throughout the house. This led me to completely redecorate a room to provide a space where I felt safe. It was at this time that I created the geometric copper pieces to bring some personality to the room while remaining orderly and clutter free. I began to push myself after feeling the productivity and clarity this process gave me. I didn’t realise at the time that I was actually manic and didn’t have a grasp of my yet to be diagnosed mental illnesses, leading me to become severely unwell and suicidal.

However after months of perseverance and the help of many incredible health practitioners, I have not only reached a form of stability, but completely rejuvenated myself and my entire life with a fire to do the same for others. I was determined to find purpose, and set myself “work days” at home while I was ill- this has since escalated somewhat. With support from The Prince’s Trust, the Natwest Accelerator Programme (a result of Virgin VOOM 2018) and even Fearne Cotton; Piffy & Egg is off to an incredible start ♡.

What we aim to achieve…

Piffy & Egg provides a space for people to share their experiences enabling others to seek support and stop suffering alone. Mental health illnesses are so often disguised and concealed, which leads people to breaking point. We need to bring back genuine, neighbourhood, wholehearted connection to learn to support and trust each other. Making change should come from a place of positivity and confidence not fear and necessity. We’re here to support each other.

Creating happiness…

By engaging with communities and using art as a means of therapeutic support, we aim to create happiness. 7.5% of our net profits are donated to  Mind– the mental health charity. By purchasing our products, you will be providing so many people in need of care the support they deserve.

Our future…

We want you to get involved! If you have created work that you wish to sell or would like to share your story with us, just get in touch and we will be sure to get you set up*.  I am determined to reach out to as many people as possible and let them know things can improve.

This community is to be filled with happiness, support and new friendships to combat the isolated world many of us live in today. Keep an eye out for lots of exciting events, courses and resources coming your way soon!

With all my love,

Emma x

*Terms and Conditions apply. Please contact for more information.


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